Our mobile spray tan artists have been in the salon & spa industry for over 8 years in the very competitive Miami Beach area, acquiring extensive training and experience in the art of Spray Tanning.

We pay great attention to all the little details always striving to provide you with a beautiful tan. That’s why we love Organic Mobile Spray Tanning-  it not only provides a healthy alternative to achieve that gorgeous natural looking tan, but it’s customized to guarantee satisfaction. Don’t conform yourself to getting a tan that is dangerous, inconvenient, or unsatisfying and “Love Your Spray Tan” instead! We can bring a beautiful healthy tan to you, so, give us a call and treat yourself to a gorgeous tan you can feel guilt free about and that’ll make you love the skin you’re  in!

“Getting a tan from UV lights can be damaging in significant ways by increasing the risks of acquiring several skin conditions, like the  life threatening skin cancer, and we personally feel that there is a better way to get it done. Using a booth is one option, however, we feel like they are not only a little impersonal but also tend to give uneven tans. What’s better than a healthy, beautifully even tan that’s done in your own home?”

– Love Your Spray Tan


”I got a spray tan for my wedding pictures and it gave me a beautiful natural looking glow. I wanted a subtle tan and it was perfect for my pictures so I got another one a few days before my wedding day and loved it!”
D. Mejia, Miami Lakes,FL
”I got sprayed the morning before a night out with friends for my birthday. I loved my new “birthday suit”…hehe! Thank you so much! I will be calling you for another one soon! 🙂
M. Pozo., Miramar,FL
”Awesome, awesome awesome! I went from ghost white to super model tan…ha! I will definitely be getting spray tanned by you more often.”
Y. Gonzalez, Hialeah,FL
”I really enjoyed getting spray tanned by you. I was going on a cruise two days later and it really gave me more confidence to wear my bathing suit. I had a great time and felt amazing with my tan. Thank you! Will be calling you often.”
M. Lopez, Miami,FL
”It was so much fun getting my girls together for a spray tan party! We all love our tans and are looking forward to our next spray tan party!”
J. Shipley, Pines,FL
”I was so nervous about getting spray tanned before a friends wedding but you really made me feel more comfortable explaining everything really well to me. I appreciate it and love my tan! Thanks!”
V. Miler, Pembroke Pines, FL